The Little Box Of Calm

world peace, originally uploaded by Gaynor Gritzi.

The purpose of the Little Box Of Calm is to bring about World Peace.
Well you’ve got to try haven’t you!

This is copy/mod/trans – please pass it on to your friends.

Offered free to the world, to use and alter as you will,
though a namecheck would be appreciated.

****** INSTRUCTIONS ******

Drag out and place on the ground as many boxes as you want.

The boxes use llWhisper to talk to each other,
So each box should be within 10m of another box,
Or it won’t be able to chant for World Peace.

Click any box to start the chanting.

You can also issue instructions using chat.
The boxes use channel 99 to listen.
This will only work when the boxes are quiet,
Because when the boxes chant, they are deaf to all distractions.

Saying “/99 Calm” will start all boxes in listening range chanting.
Saying “/99 Clean” will delete all boxes in listening range – a big timesaver.
The length of the chants can be adjusted by using these phrases…..
“/99 Short”, “/99 Medium”, “/99 Long”, “/99 Longer” or “/99 Longest”.


Like many of the things that I build,
The boxes have a lighting effect built in,
And are best seen with your world turned to Midnight
And Local Lights switched on.

Try setting out the boxes in different configurations….
In a straight line, thrown about at random, build a wall, put them in the air.
Though if you want to create a neverending circle of chants,
You’ll have to start a broken circle chanting,
And then fill it in once chanting is underway.
Warning – if the circle is big enough,
The chanting will carry on forever,
Which may just be long enough to bring about World peace.

 The Little Box Of Calm is available for free at SLExchange….

Or you can get it inworld at….


The chant is a six second clip taken from a 20 minute chant
(and I like to think I picked the very best 6 seconds),
Supplied copyright free from the nice people at….
Who specialise in Indian Ayurvedic Medicine.


~ by slconceptual on April 1, 2007.

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