FlowerPod – Sex On A Flower

FlowerPod Pack Shot

Welcome to the most romantic and sexy thing to do in SL.

The Gaynor Gritzi FlowerPod is the perfect private place
to bring your lover for an erotic encounter.

Securely and privately enclosed in a Flowerpod’s exotic environment,
Floating hundreds of metres from the earth, far from the flight of the angels,
You shall ride the flower of passion beyond the heights of your heavens,
You shall languidly love your lover, in positions more than plenty,
You shall liven your libido, your love, your life, your leisure,
While around you the universe turns, gently, for your pleasure.

The Flowerpod is a safe, secure and private environment to bring your lover.
It will fly you both over 300m high, above the no-fly zone (250m).

The Flowerpod has over 50 sexy male/female animations built in.
It also has romantic and erotic sound effects.

The Flowerpod is fully adjustable to set your romantic mood.

You can change the mood by changing the flower to suit your passion or outfit.
It also has adjustable lighting, creating a natural ambience for your amour.
You can change the time of day and skyscape – morning, noon, evening and night,
and yes, the universe will turn for your pleasure.

The FlowerPod is extremely low prim – only 14 for the pod,
and comes with its own Display/Teleporter Stand – 3 prims.
It is extremely easy to set up, and carries its own help files.

Go on – buy a FlowerPod.
Treat your sense of self to a sensual sexperience.
You know you deserve it.

The FlowerPod is available to buy online at SLExchange….

Or you can buy it inworld, or give the FlowerPod a try out at….

Flowerpod - Sex On A Flower 110
The control panel inside the FlowerPod – This is where you can change the flower colors, time of day, lighting, sounds, and where you control the FlowerPod flying up into the sky.

Flowerpod - Sex On A Flower 079
The FlowerPod – floating high up in the air for your privacy and security.

Flowerpod - Sex On A Flower 072
The FlowerPod is fully adjustable – flower colors, background pictures, sounds, lighting, time of day.

Flowerpod - Sex On A Flower 071

Flowerpod - Sex On A Flower 070

Flowerpod - Sex On A Flower 069

Just some of the flower color variations available within the Flowerpod.

Flowerpod - Sex On A Flower 062

Flowerpod - Sex On A Flower 057

A couple of pictures of the FlowerPod at sunset.

Flowerpod - Sex On A Flower 011

The interior of the FlowerPod – modelled by Lilith Lunardi and her friend L.B. Blum – showing the size of the interior flower.
Flowerpod - Sex On A Flower 003

A picture of the FlowerPod and its vendor at Chantal Ingraham’s Shop – The FlowerPod was made in collaboration with Chantal.


~ by slconceptual on April 4, 2007.

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