Cute Photo Tip For Narcissists

Yes, and we’re all narcissists in Second Life aren’t we? I know I am and I suspect that you probably are as well.

Simply because of the practicalities that if you want an av in a picture, it’s quicker and easier to do it yourself than try to explain to someone else what you want them to do, where you want them to stand etc.

First of all you need to bring up the client menu – if you can’t see the words Client and Server at the top of your screen then press CTRL+ALT+D. See them now?

Then go to Client > Character > Slow Motion Animations.

Now whenever you play an animation, it’ll be in SloMo – about half speed. It helps if you’re trying to catch an action shot – particularly good for taking dancing shots – at least that’s what I usually use it for.

The reason why this is a tip for narcissists is that you’ll be the only one that can see the SloMo – everybody else will just see you acting normally.

So have fun with it you narcissist you.


~ by slconceptual on April 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “Cute Photo Tip For Narcissists”

  1. I think you’re a hoot Ms Gritzi, and thanks for the tip 🙂

  2. You’re welcome Larkum.

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