LegoLand – Sky Studio 3.0 – Built From Lego

Somebody once asked me how I learned to build in Second Life. And my answer was “Who taught you to build using Lego?”. And the answer of course is nobody taught you to build with Lego. You taught yourself. You sat down with your box of bricks and just started plugging them together. And you had fun doing it too – otherwise you wouldn’t have spent all those hours making things, pulling them apart and sticking the brightly colored Lego bricks back together again in all those different combinations. 

LegoLand - Sky Studio 3.0 001

Well building in Second Life is rather like that too. You have to put aside the time to play with the bricks, sticking them together in whatever ways cross your mind. The good thing about Second Life that you could never do with Lego though, is that you can keep all your brick constructions in your inventory. You’ll never have to pull the bricks apart and start over again because the Second Life box of bricks is as near infinite as you could want it.

LegoLand - Sky Studio 3.0 006

This is an earler version of my Sky Studio. I called this one Legoland because it’s built (seemingly) out of giant Lego bricks. Because my studios are floating high up, and are rarely seen by others, there’s always the possibility of a little bit of whimsy with them. And coincidentally, I was building this around the same time as I made the flippant remarks about building with Lego above.

LegoLand - Sky Studio 3.0 019

 You’ll notice that there are some bad joins between prims in this build – that always happens to my studios, as they are the places where I do my building, and I’m forever clicking and moving or resizing a part of the building instead of the thing I’m actually working on. Clumsy! (also see the Plywood and Nails Studio). After a while it becomes easier to build a new studio rather than trying to repair the old one. But hey – that just means I get to play with the Lego again. Woohoo.

LegoLand - Sky Studio 3.0 003

LegoLand - Sky Studio 3.0 015

LegoLand - Sky Studio 3.0 014

This is the lower floor of the LegoLand Studio – My photo Gallery.

LegoLand - Sky Studio 3.0 011

The main part of the studio – where I (used to) take photos. While the exterior of the studio is built out of Lego, the interior is mostly transparent.

LegoLand - Sky Studio 3.0 005

Shot of the bottom of the Lego Studio looking up.


~ by slconceptual on April 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “LegoLand – Sky Studio 3.0 – Built From Lego”

  1. Terrific concept. Very well done!

  2. I love it!!

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