Inside Second Life – Rolling Stone’s Analysis & Interviews.

Old time rockers at Rolling Stone magazine have done an article on Second Life – and it;s interesting stuff…..
“It’s not just getting off that turns early adopters on, though. It’s the bigger evolution at play, the serious and significant transformation of the Internet from something to surf, to a place you hang. ” – And I couldn’t disagree with that.

But here’s the kicker for those of us who like to hang in Second Life…..
“Right now, the Labs servers support a maximum of 40,000 concurrent users. And fixing the problem is not as simple as just building bigger servers — the challenge is rolling out a database system that can adequately handle the crush of traffic. According to one of Second Life’s chief coders, Andrew Meadows, the entire world would zap off if more users than that tried to log in. “The database would fall over,” he says.”

And how close are we to that not-so-magical figure of 40,000? Very close indeed.

Read the full article here….


~ by slconceptual on May 1, 2007.

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