Weird Things Happen When You Get High In Second Life

Yes, it’s true, weird things do happen you get high – and very weird things happen when you get very high. And we’re talking about flying here, what did you think we were talking about?

I decided to see what would happen if you flew extremely high up in Second Life, using my new JetPack.

Having strapped on the JetPack, and to save wear and tear on my mouse and fingers, and so I wouldn’t have to sit at the keyboard without toilet breaks, I adopted the high tech solution of using a can opener supported by a battery to hold down the Page Up key on my keyboard (that’s the Fly Up key).

All went well as I made my first stop at 200,000m to have a look around. Everything normal at that point, so I proceded onward and upward.

The first signs of strangeness manifested themselves at around 500,000m. While attachments remained as normal, my avatar became distorted and seemingly made of plasticene. The only part of me that seemed to remain normal were my eyeballs, which though of their usual size and shape, they protruded from my malleable skin like ducks floating on a river.

Weird Things Happen When You Get High 001

Weird Things Happen When You Get High 008

Weird Things Happen When You Get High 009

Things remained like this until just below 1,000,000m when there was a sudden change.

I disappeared entirely except for my name tag, and all attachments became invisible. There was a brief period of just a few thousand metres where the only things visible were my tag and the particles being emitted by my (invisible) JetPack, but soon the particles disappeared as well, and there was just the name tag riding the airwaves.

Weird Things Happen When You Get High 002

Undaunted, I decided to continue riding up. and there was no more changes until I was at 2,000,000 metres. And this was when the worst change of all happened. I got bored!

Weird Things Happen When You Get High 003

There may be other things happening above this height, but when ennui sets in, the end has to be near.

So I decided to head back down again. I reconfigured the battery and can opener onto the Page Down key, and set off back to Earth. I assumed that my body and attachments would reappear when I hit the appropriate height, but it seems this is not the case.

Weird Things Happen When You Get High 006

My name tag rode all the way back down to ground level, where I was surprised to find I was still invisible, and could walk around without being seen – at least that’s what I assume, as I couldn’t actually find any one else, and just a couple of minutes later, my computer completely crashed, forcing a total reboot – I don’t think this was because of the flight, more to do with my feeble machine and its lack of memory.

After the reboot and re-login, everything was back to normal. The adventure was over, and only two hours of time was wasted!


~ by slconceptual on May 5, 2007.

6 Responses to “Weird Things Happen When You Get High In Second Life”

  1. i like your adventure ,very conceptual ,lol
    now i wish to do that with my avatar, do i have to atach that JetPack to fly so high.
    keep flying

  2. You’ll need some kind of flight assist to go over 250m.

  3. […] You can read the full test report and see the pictures of the record attempt here…. […]

  4. Hello, I found this blog entry randomly on Google. I have used the flight assist feather in Calleta’s Hobo Railroad Infohub a few months ago to fly over 1 million metres (I called them Z-units) into the sky above the hobo village on that sim. I too have experienced strangeness exactly as you have described, with my avatar ultimately dropping completely from view. It was amazing at night, and created the illusion that I was flying towards the moon or perhaps the stars. =)

  5. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  6. […] or later would seize the heights with her new jet pack—well, she did and confirms, that ↑weird things happen when you get high in Second Life. Above you see her already suffering severe avatar-meltdown at an altitude of 578,606 metres.  […]

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