First Experiments With Sculpted Prims In Second Life

The sculpted prims are finally here – well on Second Life’s beta test grid anyway – though not yet available in the main grid. Ans here are my first experiments to see how they work.

Essentially what you do is select the Sculpted Prim option on the editing menu, and add a colored texture map to give them their sculpted shape – red for the x dimension, green for the y, and blue for the z. I actually got my texture maps from taking screenshots from the (very) low res explanatory video released by Linden Labs – which explains why my prims are not the perfect things that you might see elsewhere – though I rather like that.

The standard shapes are the apple, the banana, the mushroom, and the cube with rounded corners – and you’ll see from the pics that mine are all bumpy and off centre. I applied my basic spectrum texture as a texture to all of them so I could work out which end was which – I generally use this texture as the default to apply to anything while I’m working on a build.

This is the basic apple texture – somewhat elongated.
Sculpted Prims In Second Life 003

Now, one of the interesting things you can do is take the texture and make a negative of it – and the object turns hollow(ish). Though it’s not perfect – you can’t walk through it – there’s still something solid there in the middle of the prim.

Sculpted Prims In Second Life 005

Here’s the basic mushroom texture, with the negative texture on the left.

Sculpted Prims In Second Life 006

Notice the negative mushroom texture appears to have a hole through the middle.

Sculpted Prims In Second Life 007

Now here, the one on the left has the basic mushroom texture that has had the brightness increased so the texture looks washed out – notice how the prim has filled out.

Sculpted Prims In Second Life 008

This is the cube with rounded corners – the one on the left is again a negative of the one on the right – notice I’m stood in the middle of it.

Sculpted Prims In Second Life 009

A distant view of the sculpted prims that I played with.

Sculpted Prims In Second Life 016

And here’s something made by somebody cleverer than I am – and something useful – a one prim staircase.

Sculpted Prims In Second Life 015

Conclusion – to get the best from these things, you’re going to need a 3d modelling program and the abilities to use it. But that’s the long term. In the short term you’re going to see a lot of apples, mushrooms and bananas in Second Life – you’re going to get really sick of seeing them – seriously sick of them. Until someone comes up with a ham sandwich sculpted prim that is.


~ by slconceptual on May 6, 2007.

6 Responses to “First Experiments With Sculpted Prims In Second Life”

  1. Hehe, thanks for the comments about the stairs I made. It really wasnt all that difficult but did require some 3d modelling software.

  2. I’d have given you a namecheck Talila but but my memory wasn’t up to it!

  3. Download the fruity textures here…..

  4. So a 3 step stair case in Max would be 10 polygons (if you are poly stingy). So that stair gets exported whamo into a sculpt texture you drop that onto a prim in SL and you have a 1 prim stair case. Bitchin. What about quite complex shapes? Say a grand victorian stair or a spiral stair? Same deal, whamo and you have a 1 prim piece of art? Also if you map the item in say max and drop it into SL does the map still fit correctly?

  5. Haven’t used Max so couldn’t say for sure, but yes, that’s the general principle. Read the latest post….

  6. I ca reccomend using Blender i got some really neat results especially with the use of a lattice in order to deform the spahere i use as my template for sculpties.

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