Alfresco Sex Machine HUD – Now on sale

Alfresco Sex Machine Packshot

Alfresco Sex Machine HUD
The Alfresco Sex Machine HUD is a Second Life device for all lovers of the open air. It will allow you and your partner to enjoy the delights of an alfresco assignation in comfort and privacy, while blending into the landscape as if you’ve been there for a hundred years.

This is a perfect device for the landless as you don’t need to own your own land to use the Alfresco Sex Machine – just find a nice spot in the landscape where building is allowed, and where there some spare prims (click the land name at the top of the screen, followed by Objects to check the staus of the land) and off you go.

There are 27 cool and sexy animations built in, from cuddles up to something much raunchier. You don’t need to use the beach blanket to use the poseballs, and vice versa, but the they do compliment each other.

Use the beach blanket and privacy pod on land to blend in with the landscape and disguise your activities. Use the beach blanket to create your own little island at sea, or for even greater privacy, why not go under the water! You can also fly up into the sky and use it to create a private skypod.

Using The Alfresco Sex Machine For The First Time

Wearing the HUD
To attach the HUD to your screen, right click on it in your inventory and select Wear. By default the HUD attaches in the middle and towards the top of your screen.

You can attach it to other parts of your screen by right clicking on it in your inventory and choosing Attach To HUD – where you can select the attachment point. We would recommend attaching it to the centre.

You can fine tune the positioning of the HUD by right clicking it once it’s attached to your screen, selecting Edit, and you can then use the arrows to move it around your screen.

You can detach the HUD from your screen by right clicking it on the screen and selecting Detach – the HUD will go back to your inventory when you do this.

The Poseball Button
Clicking the POSEBALLS button on the HUD will bring up the pose selection dialog. Clicking on one of the menu headings ( Girl-Boy, Girl Boy2 or Cuddles) will bring up a selection of poses to choose from.

You will also see 3 other buttons on the main dialog.

The STAND button will enable you to stand up, leaving the poseballs in place.

The STOP button is very important. Clicking this will make the poseballs disappear and you will stand up if you are sat on them. If you ever select a pose button and the poseballs don’t appear, then clicking the STOP button will usually solve the problem, and then reselect the pose. Also, once you’ve finished your session with the Alfresco Sex Machine, you should click the STOP button or the HUD will keep reappearing the poseballs around you every few minutes.

The OPTIONS button will let you have fine control of the poseballs. All Avs have different sizes and shapes, so if you find yourself floating in the air or buried in the ground while using them, use the Z+10, Z-10,Z+1 and Z-1 buttons to fine tune the height of the poseballs.

The BALLUSERS and MENU-USERS buttons allow you set access to the poseballs, but since this is a HUD and you will be the only one clicking the buttons, they can be ignored.

The SHUTDOWN button will shut down the poseball scripts and restart them. WARNING – restarting the scripts can take some time – several minutes in low lag sim, many more minutes in a heavily lagged sim. Please be patient – the machine will inform you of its progress using chat – wait till it tells you it is done.

The ADJUST POS, SAVE POS and MEM DUMP buttons are for serious fine tuning of the pose positions. This is for experts only. There’s a notecard inside the content of the HUD explaining how to use them. If you don’t know how to find the notecard, you shouldn’t be messing with this bit!

The CHAT INFO button will toggle the instructions appearing in chat on and off..

The Beach Blanket
The Beach Blanket is the perfect accompaniment for your erotic encounters. Click the Beach Blanket Button on the HUD and a small mound with the blanket on top will appear at your feet. Clicking the button a second time will make the beach blanket disappear again.

Clicking on the mound will change the texture of the mound to one of the default landscape textures, so you can make the beach blanket look like part of the scenery. There are many textures in it, so you will always be able to find a look that fits in.

Clicking the beach blanket will change the tartan texture of the blanket, or give you a transparent texture which makes it look like the blanket is not there, and you are just on the top of the mound.

The blanket contains a Champagne Dispenser. Clicking this will deliver a glass of Pink Champagne to you inventory. Find the glass in your inventory and right click it and select wear. The glass will attach itself to your right hand, and you can sip away to your hearts content.

The Beach Blanket also contains a light to add atmosphere to your nightime encounters. Clicking the top of the light will give you a selector dialog where you can choose from a dozen intimate and romantic lighting effects.

Clicking on the camp fire will turn the flames and lighting from the fire on and off.

The Privacy Pod
Clicking the Privacy Pod button on the HUD will deploy the spherical Privacy Pod so you can have complete privacy for you and your partner.

The Privacy Pod will take on the texture of whatever texture you selected for the Beach Blanket mound.

Clicking the button a second time will remove the Privacy Pod.

The Help Note Button
Clicking the Help Note button will deliver a copy of the Help notecard to you.

Auto Clean Up
Note that the poseballs, blanket and pod also have an automatic clean up function. If you move more than about 30m away from them, or detach the HUD, both blanket and pod will automatically disappear after about 2 minutes – you’ll be given a countdown to let you know that it’s happening.

Created by Gaynor Gritzi

Item Details

Prims : 5
Permissions : Transfer

Now available from SLExchange…..

Alfresco Sex Machine Extras1

Alfresco Sex Machine Extras2

Alfresco Sex Machine Extras3

Alfresco Sex Machine Extras4

Alfresco Sex Machine Extras6

Alfresco Sex Machine Extras7


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