Sex On A Giant Love Flower

Here’s a creation of mine that is nearly finished – a Giant Love Flower – the perfect place for a romantic assignation – careful you don’t get pollinated!

It stands around 25m tall, the flower is changeable to 8 different colors, it contains 27 sexy poses and animations inside the flower, it has a privacy pod mode so you won’t be interrupted while using it, contains an adjustable lighting system, and it has a large flapping butterfly perched on top (actually the teleport landing spot – you click the base of the flower to teleport in.)

And by the time it is finished it might have a small flock of normal sized butterflies flying around as well (if time permits).

Modelling in the flower are Heather Rau and LB Blum.

Giant Love Flower 001

Giant Love Flower 002

Just one of the different colored flowers – there’s eight in all.

Giant Love Flower 003

Giant Love Flower 007

The privacy pod in action – you turn it on by clicking the berry inside the flower.

Giant Love Flower 008

Giant Love Flower 013

Giant Love Flower 017

Modelled by Heather Rau and LB Blum.


~ by slconceptual on May 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Sex On A Giant Love Flower”

  1. Lovely creation. I like the butterfly touch. Flower must look even better with the windlight background? *hint*

  2. Windlight Schwindlight. I’ve already taken more pics of it without – but it has now got some sculpted prims included – cute!

  3. I liked it.

  4. Very good

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