Sculpted Prims – Free Software for Second Life

There’s an interesting and useful tool I’ve found for creating sculpted prims in Second Life (Windows only). It won’t make really complex things like whole faces or heads from 1 prim (what do you mean you never thought of that?) because it’s a lathe tool – it will make things that are circular in cross section, like bottles, glasses, or dishes.

It’s called “Rokuro” and can be downloaded here……
There’s some tutorials and a video there – so pay attention.

Though I said it makes circular objects, you can configure it to make 3, 4, 5, and 6 sided objects (realistic mattresses with sag in them anyone?)

You create things by dragging small dots around the screen.


This is the Rokuro interface for the bottle – actually a faux bottle because it’s not hollow – but then I only used 16 points to define it – you can have up to 128.

And here’s the glass….


selecting sculpted

To make a sculpted prim, select Object on the edit menu, then building block type, then select Sculpted at the bottom.

applying texture sculpted

 Then upload a texture, open it up (double click in your inventory), and then drag it onto the multicolored part on the edit menu.

And here’s the bottle. Then just click the Texture tab add your a texture/color/transparency combination.

bottle textured sculpted

And here, ready for your dinner, is a dish, glass and bottle.

Bottle Glass Bowl Sculpted

What will this do for you? Well, I recently created a bottle and glass for a project, and the glass came ot at 4 prims, and the bottle six. So it can save you a bunch of prims.

And if you’re not a builder? It’ll mean you can fit more things onto your land. Which has to be useful.

And finally, here’s the sculpted textures, for you to play with…….
This as a vase, but also a dish if you squash it in the z direction…..
sculpted vase

The wineglass…..
sculpted wineglass

And finally the bottle….
sculpted bottle


~ by slconceptual on May 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “Sculpted Prims – Free Software for Second Life”

  1. how can i convert an existing .jpg picture into a sculpte texture, e.g. a “pineapple.jpg” to a 3-D sculpted prim.

    Ridgie Ewing (

  2. Try this….

  3. I have followed all the above instructions but I want to know how to color sections of a sculpty prim..for example a lamp. Can you tell me how to do this?

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