Lowrider Motorcycle Using Sculpted Prims

After having built my monowheel, I decided to reuse some of the bits to see if a motorbike would handle better than the monowheel – and the answer is, no it doesn’t handle any better.

What is it about Second Life vehicles? Why do they never work anything like realistically? Even the good ones. I don’t feel particul;arly inclined (again) to pursue the idea any further, as the experience of using it is so unrewarding.

But as an  early experiment in using sculpted prims it hasn’t been an entire waste of time. Just in case you’re interested, the whole thing comes out at 30 prims (the limit for a working vehicle in Sl), and the sculpted bits are the wheels, tank, seat, forks, engine parts, mufflers, hamdlebars and footrests.

Again. if anybody has any decent scripts that’ll make these things run well, then please let me know.

Click through for bigger pics…..

Lowrider Motorcycle 006

Lowrider Motorcycle 007

Lowrider Motorcycle 008

Lowrider Motorcycle 003

Lowrider Motorcycle 001


~ by slconceptual on May 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “Lowrider Motorcycle Using Sculpted Prims”

  1. Looks good. Only the thing the seat is placed upon doesn’t look that ‘motorish’. As for driving this, what’s wrong with Public Transportation/TP? (Well, if it’s working, that is… ;))

  2. Public transportation working? Where do you live? And I ran out of prims – that’s why the seat is the way it is – there’s a maximum of 31 prims, including rider, for an SL vehicle.

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