Sky Studio 6.0 – New Artists Studio

I’ve been building a new studio – Sky Studio 6.0.

Built out of giant prims (for the most part), there’s only about 15 prims in it – that’s including the teleports, but not the furnishings. And (this is the best bet), there’s a head up display that you can use to change the decor. I must be getting pastoral, as I seem to be trying to recreate the outdoors indoors- this is essentially an indoor garden on one floor (the main area.)

It’s also a cave, a park, a canyon, a pothole, a winter snowground, and who knows what else – all with a click of the HUD.

Spent far too long on it of course – but it looks good and it’s functional. And there’s about 4,500 sqare metres of floor space in there – which ain’t bad for 15 prims.

Click through for bigger pics…….

Sky Studio 6.0 014

Sky Studio 6.0 013

Sky Studio 6.0 003

Sky Studio 6.0 002

Sky Studio 6.0 001

Sky Studio 6.0 004

Sky Studio 6.0 005

Sky Studio 6.0 006

Sky Studio 6.0 009

Sky Studio 6.0 007

Sky Studio 6.0 011

Sky Studio 6.0 012

Many thanks to Beatrice Boisblanc for the space and prims.


~ by slconceptual on June 3, 2007.

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