Things To Watch Out For With Sculpted Prims

Ah, you probably think sculpted prims might solve all your problems?

Well maybe not. The one prim staircase seems to be on the top of a lot of people’s list.

Sculpted Prim Problems 002

But there’s problems with that. I tried one, and the collision mask for them makes the staircase unlikely. Look at the pics below and note that I’m standing on thin air.

Sculpted Prim Problems 003

It gets even worse when I turned the staircase upside down. And bear in mind that this staircase is hollow, so I’m floating a lot higher than it seems.

Sculpted Prim Problems 006

And then there’s the problem of image rezzing. It takes time for the sculpted prim image to rez, just as it does for any image. And while that happens all you’ll see is a blob. this could be a problem, especially if you use a lot of them.

Sculpted Prim Problems 001

You have been warned!


~ by slconceptual on June 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “Things To Watch Out For With Sculpted Prims”

  1. I have noticed similar “problems”. I tried to use a sculptie for a bath tub, looks cool but yeah the invisible barriers around it are not as nice. Maybe LL will find a solution to calculate collisions better, maybe along with bringing the physics engine up to date! For my problem pose balls could do the trick, but cheap staircases are a different “case”. 😉

  2. easy way to solve the pb
    but 2 prims solutions ^^
    turn your sculty in phantom mod and put a SL prim under and turn it on invisible texture and you get nice stairs
    Sorry for my chaotic english
    contact me in game ^^

    • The trouble with that is you can’t link the phantom prim to the rest of the build. Not a problem if you’re building a one-off in situ, but a pain if you’re making an object for sale that has to be boxed up.

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