Giant Flower Sex Machine

Giant Flower Sex Machine Packshot

Giant Flower Sex Machine

The Giant Flower Sex Machine is a beautiful and innovative creation for all lovers of the outdoors and all who like to love outdoors.

Perfect for your garden, it allows you and your partner to enjoy yourselves in a gorgeous outdoors setting in comfort and with perfect security should you want it using the built in privacy pod.

There are 27 cool and sexy male/female animations built in, from chat and cuddles up to something much raunchier – and they’re just a click away.

The flower can be customized with one click, and there’s a dozen subtle, romantic lighting effects to choose from. There’s also nature sounds, a fruit cocktail dispenser, and a swarm of butterflies to fly around you.

Using The Giant Flower Sex Machine

Setting Out The Flower
Just drag the flower out of your inventory and place it on the spot you want on the ground.

Teleporting Into The Flower
Just right click on the base of the flower and select teleport to go up to the giant butterfly on the edge of the flower. Then just walk off the butterfly into the flower. Left clicking the base of the flower will give you some help instructions.

Using The Poseballs
Clicking the multicolored mat on the floor inside the flower will bring up the pose selection dialog. Clicking on one of the menu headings ( Girl-Boy, Girl Boy2 or Cuddles) will bring up a selection of poses to choose from.

You will also see 3 other buttons on the main dialog.

The STAND button will enable you to stand up, leaving the poseballs in place.

The STOP button is very important. Clicking this will make the poseballs disappear and you will stand up if you are sat on them. If you ever select a pose button and the poseballs don’t appear, then clicking the STOP button will usually solve the problem, and then reselect the pose.

The OPTIONS button will let you have fine control of the poseballs. All Avs have different sizes and shapes, so if you find yourself floating in the air or buried in the flower while using them, use the Z+10, Z-10, Z+1 and Z-1 buttons to fine tune the height of the poseballs.

The BALLUSERS and MENU-USERS buttons allow you set access to the poseballs – you can select ALL, OWNER or GROUP access.

The SHUTDOWN button will shut down the poseball scripts and restart them. WARNING – restarting the scripts can take some time – several minutes in low lag sim,  many more minutes in a heavily lagged sim. Please be patient – the machine will inform you of its progress using chat – wait till it tells you it is done – you’ll know when it is finished when it tells you the amount of free memory.

The ADJUST POS, SAVE POS and MEM DUMP buttons are for serious fine tuning of the pose positions. This is for experts only. There’s a notecard inside the content of the HUD explaining how to use them. If you don’t know how to find the notecard, you shouldn’t be messing with this bit!

The CHAT INFO button will toggle the instructions appearing in chat on and off..

The Large Green Berry
Clicking the large green berry inside the flower will give you some help instructions.

The Red Berry
Clicking the red berry inside the flower will give you a dialog to change the lighting effects.

The Small Green Berry
Clicking the small green berry inside the flower will enable the privacy pod.
Clicking the button a second time will remove the privacy pod.
The privacy pod can only be removed from outside the flower by the owner – this is for your privacy and security – and it also means that if you leave the pod enabled, strangers won’t be able to use the flower without your permission

The Purple Berry
Clicking the purple berry will enable the nature sounds.
The first time you click it, you will hear daytime sounds, the second time, night time sounds, and the third time will switch the sounds off. The nature sounds are provided under a creative commons licence by  Kex Godel.

The Blue Berry
Clicking the blue berry will give you a fruit cocktail for you and your partner to enjoy.
Simply select keep from the dialog to take the drink, then find it in your inventory and select wear to put it into your right hand.

The Big Butterfly
Clciking the big butterfly will start a swarm of small butterflies flying around the flower.
Click the butterfly again to stop the butterflies spawning.

Only 24 prims.
Permissions: Trans, No Copy, No Mod

Available to buy from SLExchange……

More pics – click through for bigger versions…..

Giant Flower Sex Machine Extras 1

Giant Flower Sex Machine Extras 2

Giant Flower Sex Machine Extras 3

Giant Flower Sex Machine Extras 4

Giant Flower Sex Machine Extras 5

Giant Flower Sex Machine Extras 7

Giant Flower Sex Machine Extras 8
Created by Gaynor Gritzi


~ by slconceptual on June 6, 2007.

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  2. Yes well, I tried to join your site but it keeps telling me “The word you typed does not match the image”.
    so fuck it – life’s too short to waste a single second more on it.

  3. he he great
    i would like to try your giant flower ,lol lol

  4. Give me an IM inworld Toytica.

  5. Still looks awesome. =d

  6. […] with the song ‘Power of the Flower’. Which makes me think, why didn’t they use a couple of this flowers as dance floor? […]

  7. sexy

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