Adjustable Face Lights

Face Lights Packshot

These adjustable Face Lights can make you look beautiful, make you look glamorous and make you stand out in a crowd.

The wearable lighting system is a pair of invivible adjustable lights that attach as default to the chin and illuminate the face to give you the best possible look.

While the lights definitelt give the best look at night time, even if worn in the day time they will give you a subtle and sophisticated look.

The lights are easily controlled – just click on your face and you will be presented with a dialog box where you can select from 12 presets.

The lights are transferable, but not mod or copy, so you can give them to someone you are taking photographs of, or give them as a gift.

To attach the lights, right click on them in your inventory and select wear.

The lights can be attached to the nose, the chin, the left ear and the right ear – but ONLY those places – anywhere else and they are likely to rotate and be hard to use – so please use only those places.

You need to turn your world to Midnight and turn on your local lights to get the best from the facelights. It’s easy to do, there’s just two simple steps.

1. Turning your world to Midnight
At the top of the screen, on the menu bar, click – World > Force Sun > Midnight.

2. Turning On Nearby Local Lights
Now at the top click – Edit > Preferences.
The preferences dialog box will now open.
Select Graphic Detail and make sure that Nearby Local Lights is checked.
Click OK and you’re done.
You can easily revert back to your original settings by setting your world to “Revert To Region Default” and unchecking “Nearby Local Lights”.

Created by Gaynor Gritzi

The Face Lights are now for sale at SLExchange……

Below are demos of the lighting effects – click through for bigger pics….

Face Light Demos 001
The default lighting effect.

Face Light Demos 002
Lights off – picture taken at midnight.

Face Light Demos 003
Room Filler effect – a 30m spread to light up and illuminate a darkened area.

Face Light Demos 004
Sunflower – a warm yellow effect.

Face Light Demos 005
Wan White – pure white light.
Face Light Demos 006
Green Glow – a green lighting effect combined with a yellowy white fill in light.

Face Light Demos 007
Cool Blue lighting effect.

Face Light Demos 008
A warm Rosy Glow light.

Face Light Demos 009
Limelight – for those wanting to tread the boards of the stage.

Face Light Demos 010
Pink Passion – for that flushed blushing look.

Face Light Demos 011
Scarlet Lady – stand out in a group on a street corner!

Face Light Demos 012
Zombie lighting effect – a combination of red and green lights.


~ by slconceptual on June 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Adjustable Face Lights”

  1. Any chance that you’ll add a ‘heavy light’ ‘normal’ and ‘soft light’ option in the future?

  2. It’s always possible that there’ll be a revamp with some additions. But just what is “Heavy Light”?

  3. Sorry, that is Vint-english for strong light. 😉

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