Phoenixa Sol Dances For Old Hippies With HUDs

If you’ve read my previous post about the Second Life ballet, here’s the antidote to that.

SL dancer Phoenixa Sol dances to that old hippy show tune “The Age Of Aquarius ” and shows just how it should be done – and there’s some creative lighting effects too that take advantage of the unique virtual capabilities of Second Life in a way that the ballet just didn’t.

Enjoy – and count the number of HUD visible on the screen – is it a record?

Ah – just discovered she doesn’t like people embedding her vids, so follow the link instead.


~ by slconceptual on June 15, 2007.

One Response to “Phoenixa Sol Dances For Old Hippies With HUDs”

  1. Hiya! Wow this is really cool, and thank you so much for the exposure! Wish I’d have caught it when you first posted it, but better late than never hmm? Update about that Aquarius video, the publishers of the song allowed it to remain on youtube, I was pretty stoked when they did and put a comment in about it thanking them profusely! The reason that some of my videos have the embedding disabled, is I’m a bit of a renegade and I figured those that are copyrighted might wind up yanked (and yes, I’ve had a few of them beset by this problem). There are several others which have the embedding enabled because I’ve obtained the artists’ permission to use their songs. “Aquarius” was one of my earliest dance vids. The later ones are much more sophisticated. (so far, I love “25 or 6 to 4” the best)

    As I learned, I put it all in there. I’m up to 8 huds now, plus I use dance combinations I’ve created into gestures. I’ve listed my website, it’s my wiki page with my dance tutorial in the event that someone might want to try dancing like this or finding the dance creators’ locations.

    Thank you so very much for the smile and kind words about my dance video!

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