Sculpture At SL4B – Sl’s 4th Birthday

Just a few lics from Second Life’s fourth birthday party. By far the most interesting thing – visually at least – was some of the sculpture dotted around the place.

I wish I could say I’d done my research and noted down the names of the creators and picked up notecards, but sadly SL was crashing me every 15 minutes so I didn’t.

And there’s a lesson here for all potential sculptors – you can’t beat using a lot of prims – particularly if you want to make something figurative.

Click through for bigger pics……

Nice Kong, Fey Wray……
SL4B Sculpture 002

SL4B Sculpture 003

SL4B Sculpture 004

SL4B Sculpture 010

SL4B Sculpture 011

SL4B Sculpture 015

There seem to be an awful lot of swords around in SL sculpture.
SL4B Sculpture 017

SL4B Sculpture 026

And this one’s my fave – an interesting combination of thr figurative with the absurd.
Lovely stuff.
SL4B Sculpture 025

SL4B Sculpture 021

SL4B Sculpture 020

SL4B Sculpture 022


~ by slconceptual on June 24, 2007.

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