JetPack 2,000,000 – Fly Very High, Very Far, Very Fast.

Jetpack 2000000 Packshot

JETPACK 2,000,000 Now On Sale
Jetpack 2,000,000 – the only Second Life jetpack guaranteed tested to over 2,000,000 metres high!

Fly very high, very far and very fast with JetPack 2,000,000.

This is a superbly constructed model and is a fairly close replica (though updated to modern safety standards) of the Jetpack (also known as JetBelt or RocketBelt) as built by Bell Labs for the USA military in the 1960s and as seen in the James Bond film Thunderball, and would originally have cost around $250,000 dollars in 1960 (many millions at today’s prices).

In real life, fuel for these Peroxide/liquid oxygen jetpacks lasts for only twenty seconds – so there’s an advantage that Second Life has – there’s no need to stop for refueling.

The bubble helmet is a departure from the original design, as with potential altitudes in excess of 1200 miles (2,000k), our lawyers felt that an oxygen supply might be a useful addition. The bubble helmet automatically closes when you start flying, and automatically opens when you land again. It also has built in face lighting.

The genuine peroxide engines that power the real world jetpacks also don’t make smoke, but the JetPack 2,000,000 has long lasting smoke generators built in so that you can leave contrails across the sky. Sometimes making an entrance is more important than historical accuracy. They automatically switch on and off on takeoff and landing.

Disclaimer & Warnings
During months of intensive testing, our team of intrepid test pilots have flown the jetpack higher than 2,000,000 metres into the atmosphere of Second Life. And there is one thing we have learned:

Flying a jetpack is dangerous!

If you are intending to use your jetpack for record-breaking attempts, then please remember that the creators cannot be held responsible for any deaths, injuries, and loss of limbs or other damage that you may sustain.
Some very strange things start happening when you get above 500,000 metres high.

Here is a quote from the test pilot….
“…..The only part of me that seemed to remain normal were my eyeballs, which though of their usual size and shape, they protruded from my malleable skin like ducks floating on a river.”

You can read the full test report and see the pictures of the record attempt here….

Flying With The JetPack
Flying the jetpack couldn’t be easier. Just find the jetpack in your inventory, right click on it and select Wear to put on the jetpack. To fly, just click your fly button, and the jetpack is controlled by the usual fly keys – Page Up, Page Down and the arrow keys.

You will get more flight assist and grater speed at higher altitudes than you will at lower altitudes – so you can avoid bumping into buildings at lower levels.

The JetPack Help Notecard
You can get a copy of the help notecard at any time by clicking the nameplate at the front of the jetpack.

Putting The JetPack Into Sleep Mode Using 007!

The jetpack can be put into sleep mode using chat commands, and will remain in sleep mode until explicitly turned on again using chat. This means that flight assist will be switched off and the jet engines will not work or display smoke.

To make the channel number easy to remember (how often had you had a chat operated object that you can’t remember the channel?) the jetpack listens on channel /7 – this means that you can use the number /007 to control it as well as /7 (remember the James Bond reference above?). And to help you remember the chat commands, there’s a whole variety of interchangeable phrases.

To put the jetpack into sleep mode, use any of the following commands (can be upper or lower case or mixed, and you can use channel /7 or /007):
/007 Off, /007 Fly Off, /007 Flight Off, /007 No Fly, /007 Stop, /007 Stop Flying.

To return the jetpack to operational mode, use any of the following commands:
/007 On, /007 Fly On, /007 Flight On, /007 Start, /007 Fly.

Resizing The JetPack
All avatars are different sizes and shapes, so the jetpack may need a little adjustment to get a perfect fit. In particular the waist belt and buckle may need resizing, and the handlebar grips may need repositioning to suit your size.


Buy The JetPack at SLExchange……..

Buy The JetPack In-World…….

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2 Responses to “JetPack 2,000,000 – Fly Very High, Very Far, Very Fast.”

  1. is it real

  2. It’s as real as Second Life is!

    And – funny!!

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