Buddhist Stupa In Second Life

Strange how things work out sometimes. I was building a meditation pod as a place to put my meditation cushions, and was looking up something else when I came across the word Stupa for the first time!

And I was astonished, because without ever hearing of the concept, I’d actually built about two thirds of a stupa without realising it – the bottom two thirds. So I added the top third, the sun, moon and the jewel, and it was complete.

The main (middle) meditation pod can be turned transparent or opaque, and there’s lighting, eternal flames and more.

More to come on this I’ve no doubt.

Don’t know what a stupa is? It’s a Buddhist shrine/temple that’s a forerunner to the pagoda…..

Or try the Stupa Information Page…..

Click through for bigger pics.

Buddhist Stupa 003

Buddhist Stupa 007

Buddhist Stupa 008

Buddhist Stupa 005


~ by slconceptual on July 1, 2007.

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