Free Sculpted Prim Maker – Tokoroten

Here’s another freebie sculpted prim maker – Tokroten.

It’s an extruder (think pushing toothpaste from a tube with a shaped nozzle and you get the idea), and works in much the same way as Rokuro – a lathe tool that I reported on earlier – in fact the two are so similar they are made by the same people – and it works well in the sense that it’s a tool for doing one job and it does it well with no frills.

You create things by dragging dots around on the screen and then extruding the shape – and you can have a few tweaks to it like revolving as you extrude.

Here’s the architects favorite, the H beam……

Sculpted H Beam

….And here’s the resulting Second Life Object – note how the crisp edges of the template have been lost a little – and the things in the background were created usin the same tool…..

Sculpted Extrusions 002

And here’s the one prim staircase that everybody seems to want – though the collision mask around a sculptie prevents you from actually using it as a staircase – you have to set it to phantom and use a transparent ordinary prim at 45deg to actually walk up (which kinda destroys the whole point of it!)…..

Sculpted Extrusions 001

Download Tokoroten here….


~ by slconceptual on July 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “Free Sculpted Prim Maker – Tokoroten”

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  2. hi, i am actualy looking for a great out-world sculptie maker, thats easy, efective and works well for a new sculptie maker who wants to add more details, i have used all the sculptie makers from the same people who have created the above ” Rokuro, Tokoroten, Tatara and Nomi ” ive tryed and tested them, there great for those simple builds aka vase’s, beams, steps, but when it comes to great detail, then im looking for something else, any clues ? also something thatsnot costing a bomb and a half, let me know, reply to this post, ty

  3. Try this….
    Sculpty Paint
    Video tutorials here….

  4. I sometimes use scultp paint, but it isn’t what I am really lookig for. I am looking for something to make cloak type of scultps, can anyone help?

    Pnina Abrahams on

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