Turn Yourself Into A Simpsons Character

This is fun – upload a pic and turn yourself (or your AV) into a Simpsons character. Huge fun. This is me after attending an audition at the KrustyLu studios – Sideshow Gaynor here we come….

Turn Your Avatar Into A Simpsons Character


~ by slconceptual on July 19, 2007.

8 Responses to “Turn Yourself Into A Simpsons Character”

  1. i have tried to “simpsonize” myself but everytime i chose a picture to use & click okay, it freezes =[

  2. They’ve been overloaded – there’s a come back later message at the moment.

  3. this thing sucks, ive tryed to upload 10 different pictures at 10 different time and none of them get uploaded it just says loading… I even left one picture uploading for 2 days and it still never finished!

  4. I’ve just tried it again and it really does seem to be overloaded.

  5. mine dos not work can any one help me

  6. Try a different photo. It’s a bit unpredictable.

  7. I tried to do it, and they said the picture worked… but when it comes up and says “2D flatters you” it just doesn’t come up and there is a white square where the picture should be!!! grrr

  8. how do i simpsonize myself?

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