Visiting The Nissan Sims – & A New Monowheel

Nissan has a prescence in Second Life, several sims in fact, where they give out free cars and you can take them for a test drive around the islands. All jolly fun of course, except that their cars are like all vehicles in SL, and the handling is like a greased pig on linoleum.

Here’s some pics of the more interesting things I saw there….

Couldn’t resist this island in the middle of nowhere I noticed while visiting the Nissan sims. It rises straight up 50m out of the sea. The fact that it’s full of rubbish merely adds to its attraction.

Nissan Sims 003

Could this be the world’s largest vending machine – those are full sized cars in there.

Nissan Sims 006

And I picked up a free monowheel – and it handles as badly as the one I made – a shame because it’s well constructed.

Nissan Sims 010


~ by slconceptual on July 29, 2007.

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