Kin Dza Dza – Strange Russian Science Fiction.

I sometimes find myself watching science fiction films and tv series with one eye on how I would make the things in the film within SL. I’m not sure if the Russian film Kin Dza Dza is going to inspire any builds, but it is certainly bizarre enough to set the imagination working – and it does have a teleportation system – which the plot kinds of revolves around – and this in 1986.

The plot is utterly perplexing and incomprehensible, but entirely logical once you know the logic of the alien species – SPOILER – watch the Sadcast review at the bottom for the explanations of what’s happening.

 This has been described as the best scifi film that nobody has ever heard of – well now you’ve heard of it.

It’s in two parts, each about an hour, and the explanation/review is 11 mins.
Enjoy the strangeness.

Kin Dza Dza Part One…..

Kin Dza Dza Part Two…..

The Explanation/review…..


~ by slconceptual on August 3, 2007.

One Response to “Kin Dza Dza – Strange Russian Science Fiction.”

  1. Hi, I like this movie very much. I have the Ruscico version with subtitles, after I started to make my own subtitles.
    Now there is a new version, also from Daniela, it is “Ku! Kin-Dza-Dza”. It is a cartoon version, also strange. I ordered a DVD in the USA because I could not get one in Germany.
    Basically it has the same story, but the persons are different. It is shorter and faster, this is a disadvantage. But it has a similar kind of strangeness. It is a little bit adapted to the experience of 20 years postcommunistic capitalism, but not much.

    I can advice to view it, too. If you have to select between the two versions, select the old one.

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