Free Textures & Texture Maker From Spiral Graphics.

I’ve been playing around with a seamless texture maker using Genetica from Spiral Graphics – and it makes it a breeze to producesome nice textures using their templates.

There’s a free Wood texture maker, a free viewer that’ll allow you do a certain amount of manipulation of templates, and a trial version of the one that’ll do all manner of complex stuff.

Fairly easy to use and a decent range of templates to download from their site……

And here’s some of the textures I’ve made so far. All are 512×512 and endlessly repeating.  Download them and use them as you will.

Alloy FootBoard

GG01 Alloy FootBoard

Screw Threads

GG02 Screw Threads


GG03 Snake Skin

Pebble Beach

GG04 Rocky Beach

Khaki Camo

GG05 Camouflage

Bling Bling

GG06 Bling-Bling

Optic Interconnect

GG07 Optic Interconnect

Gold Grid

GG08 Gold Grid


~ by slconceptual on August 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “Free Textures & Texture Maker From Spiral Graphics.”

  1. These are really nice textures!

  2. Hey, thanks for the review. We appreciate it!

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