Free One Prim Table Light For SecondLife

One Prim Table Light

Free one prim table light – It’s very easy to use – just drag in onto the ground, and it will start up in automatic mode – which means it will come on when the SL sun is below the horizon, and switch itself off when the sun reappears (note – this will not work if you artificially set your world to midnight).

You can also switch the light to permanently on or off or to automatic just by clicking it.

If you are building or having something built and would like custom designed lighting for your project, then please get in touch. I’m always interested in interesting projects.
Gaynor Gritzi

Buy for $0 from SLExchange…..


~ by slconceptual on August 17, 2007.

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  1. […] Creations blog gives us the latest on what’s the new good stuff in-world. I also found this free one prim table light that will definitely catch attention for those who are saving prim and furniture lovers. Oh! I […]

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