The Worst Sim In SecondLife?

Yes, I visited “The Toxic Garden Rezzable” – and no I’m not going to give a location for it – search for it if you want to go there.

Worst sim? Yep, definitely the worst for lag I have ever experienced. Admittedly, it’s not finished yet, but that just means that there’s more objects and scripts to go in it, so it’s likely to get worse.

Which is a shame, because I’d enjoyed the Greenies Home, also by Rezzable, and the idea behind this one seemed good – a place full of toxic plants that can kill you if you’re not careful. But they never said that the thing that’ll kill you is the lag. And don’t think I didn’t give it a fair chance – I logged in half a dozen times, set my draw distance to the minimum, and cleared my cache.

But I never lasted more than a couple of minutes before everything started to freeze, I became stuck to the spot, and even opening my inventory took minutes.

There’s a device you can pick up and wear that protects you from the poison plant fumes, but it took me a dozen tries before the Buy for zero$ option came up on a right click, and an equal number of tries before I was able to wear it.

And when the big freeze came, it was impossible to teleport out, either to my home location or to a landmark – which means I’m probably going to end up back there when I log back in!

All of which is a shame – it’s a nice idea but I won’t be going back.
The Worst Sim in SL

Actually, on rereading the above, I decided I was being a wee bit harsh – the place is still under development and things may improve – and they do have some nice trees. I may go back.


~ by slconceptual on August 30, 2007.

9 Responses to “The Worst Sim In SecondLife?”

  1. The worst sim in SL???? A little harsh? Gee… Sorry the sim was slow, but lots of issue on the grid lately. Toxic Garden is still in beta release. So maybe best we don’t open sims until they perfect…?

    Toxic is different idea than other areas we are making now. We think has potential to involve residents in the story and in making the sim. So we hope you will come back!

  2. You’re right of course, I was a little harsh as I stated in the codicil after the picture which I added after cooling down from the frustrating experience – the lag was probably SL’s fault rather than the sim.

    And I will go back at some point.

  3. In the spirit of fairness, I’ve just made a return visit to the Toxic Garden.

    And I have to report that the problems aren’t SL’s. The problems are the sim.

    Same thing happened again – I was ok for a couple of minutes, but then everything started to slow to a crawl, then froze completely, restarted for a few seconds, then froze again.

    At which point I was bitten by some kind of toxic bug (interesting), which, because I was frozen to the spot I couldn’t move out of the way of it, I then died and was teleported out to my home sim before I could do anything about it (not interesting, just frustrating).

    My guess is that the rezzable people are using pretty hi-tech computers with latest processors, cards, and fast internet pipes – which is a way away from me – my comp is a year old (decent spec when I bought it, but not cutting edge even then), with a 2mb broadband connection. And the lag in their sim is killing me – literally in the case of the bug described above!

    The brief examination that I made showed that even the trees are running scripts, so I’m presuming that there’s an awful lot of scripts running in the sim – I couldn’t bring up the land popup to see exctly what was going on before I was chucked out.

    This is all fair enough if you’re intending building something state-of-the-art which requires that all visitors have the latest technology to keep up with it – but if that’s what you’re doing then at least stick up a notice at the start to warn people.

    And test your sim on comps that are low spec as well as high spec.

    And this criticism is intended to be constructive not destructive, so please don’t take offense Rezzable – the sim seems like a really intruiging idea, and I really would like to see it in all it’s glory.

  4. we’re looking at the script issues. There is some interesting AI in them, but maybe not worth the lag.

    Maybe some idea to discuss how you might want to help us with some more groovy plants…seems like you have some great stuff that might be adaptable?? Drop me an IM if you wanna discuss!


  5. I shall be in touch!!

  6. […] I visited Toxic Garden after reading that it was the worst sim in sl. I expected to see all gray and move very slowly. But I moved around without any problems at all. […]

  7. Maybe they’ve done some updates to decrease the lag – I shall have to go back and revisit.

  8. Update – I went back for a revisit today and things are a little better – I lasted about 10 mins before lag crashed me.

  9. Crest of Vrek’mar, honestly one of THE most ugly built roleplay sims on the grid, filled with ridiculous looking avatars and hostile roleplayers

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