Some Pics From Burning Life

Just a few pics of some of the interesting things to be seen around at Burning Life.
Sorry, but I never took notes of the creators or took SLurls. If you want to see them, go visit and wander around.
Click through for bigger pics.

Nice tree thing.
Burning Life Pics 39

Working Avatar Catapult!
Burning Life Pics 38

Working Avatar Trebuchet
Burning Life Pics 37

Big Robots
Burning Life Pics 36

H.G. Wells style Martian tripod
Burning Life Pics 35

The Eart’s Night Lights
Burning Life Pics 32

Really really big flower
Burning Life Pics 31

Big Blue Robot
Burning Life Pics 30

Nicely detailed model of the Flying Scotsman
Burning Life Pics 28

Inside a nicely detailed Ecodome
Burning Life Pics 26

Far too many eyes to be comfortable
Burning Life Pics 25

Physical domino toppling
Burning Life Pics 22

Well laid out maze
Burning Life Pics 21

Fireworks at the TieDye tower
Burning Life Pics 10

~ by slconceptual on September 29, 2007.

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