Free Wings 3D Modeller Downloads & Video Tutorials

I’ve used Wings 3D a little, but never really come to terms with it – like a lot of 3D modelling programs out there, it takes a lot of time to master and the user interface is far from intuitive – though it is a lot easier than Blender, particularly for beginners.

So, thanks to DanielFox Abernathy for providing thse tutorials (on the SL forums) with accompanying videos.

1. Making a sculpty staircase.

2. Using Wings as a lathe tool (similar to Rokuro, but so much more adaptable)

3. Making interlocking rings


If you don’t already have Wings3D, you can download it from here….

You’ll also need a plugin to save Wings objects as SecondLife sculpties…..


~ by slconceptual on October 1, 2007.

51 Responses to “Free Wings 3D Modeller Downloads & Video Tutorials”

  1. Hello.
    I need some help

  2. Be specific!

  3. Hi!
    I can’t get throuth with the “unsupported mesh size” problem. There are really few stuff on the net about this sculpt exporter. But none of them helped. What’s the supported then? I only used scale, move but still have the problem. I have Wings 3D 0.98.36 and wpc_sculpty_080707. And can’t export even the simplest cube to bmp. There are example wings files that I can export but nothing else. HELP!

  4. The sculpt mesh can be a bit unpredictable.

    The easiest way is to import a sculpty bmp that you know already works into Wings and then manipulate that. I sometimes use Rokuro to make a basic lathed shape, and then load the sculpty map into Wings for further manipulation – that way seems to always work.

  5. That’s right, I tryed Rokuto. I could import the scultmap but the export does not work for me. I tried all the basic shapes in Wings and I could export none of them. I found out that if I make a sphere with upto 64 sections and the number of slices are the number of sections minus 1. That was the only thing I could export (and anything I make out of that I think)

  6. by the way, it there any other programs (I know about Rokuto) that can export to SL sculptmap?
    Thank you!

  7. You’ve got it right with wings 3d – Sculpties are limited in what they can do – the sphere is the only thing that will exposrt succesfully as a sculpty bitmap. Just a limitation you have to live with.

    If you want something easier but more limited than Wings, try….

  8. Thank you, this program looks promising.

  9. hi hi! i have a lil problem!? i cant seem to get the image onto sl? and ideas?

  10. Why can’t you get the image into SL?
    You just upload them as any normal image.

  11. i need the plugin for wings i cant get it off secondlife site becuase something is wrong and i cant get on the forums…Any other links?

  12. Just emailed you the plugin.

  13. Could you please email me that plugin too? I cannot get on the SL forums for some reason.

  14. Tis done.

  15. Please help! Can’t install the plugin, been trying and googling for info for days. It says plugin installed successfully, but doesn’t appear in export list (in wings 3d). ???????????

  16. Open Wings and go to File/Install Plugin.
    Navigate to the file “wpc_sculpty.beam” in the unzipped folder (have you unzipped it first?

    That should get it to work, click File/ then import or export should show Secondlife Sculpty.

    Can you import but not export? If you can, try importing a ready made sculpty file and see if you can export that.

  17. Hmm, i can’t find the “wpc_sculpty.beam” in the SL Plug-in I downloaded. Also, as with the above users- i cannot get into the second life Forums to download that copy either! Any chance you could Email me the plug-in also? !!!! Please!

  18. P.S. the plug-in i’ve been trying to install is WPC_openeng_sl.beam 😦

  19. done!

  20. Thankyou very much for the download, but…. er… i am very confused. The only file it contains when i unzip it is “64x64tri.wings

  21. … which turns out to be a sphere sculpty! You may have to explain this to me as if i were a 9yr old! or just give up on me 😦 I have some excellent Sculpty maps i have created now, just REALLY want to export them into 2nd Life!!!

  22. There should have been 3 zip files – one of them contains the right file.

    And yes, working with sculpties in wings means that everything you create with itg will bed a distorted sphere sculpty.

  23. OK my bad, found the beam correct beam file, had saved i somewhere stupid. Still says INSTALLED OK but not showing in the export or import list. Any ideas?
    I’ll clean your house or somethin in SL for putting up with me!

  24. This is from Omei Turnbull on the forums…..

    To try it, download the Development Rel: 0.98.36 or later version of Wings 3D from [url][/url] and install it. Extract the wpc_sculpty.beam file from the first of the attached zip files and place it in the Wings plugins/import_export directory. Alternately (and easiest in particular on a Mac), use the Wing’s File/Install-Plugin command. (You’ll need to restart Wings after installing the plugin.) Extract all the .wings template files and put them wherever you wish to keep your sculpty files.

  25. Hi! me…. again. I seem to have everything setup correctly now, but al i am able to export is the spheres. If i “scale, extrude” or otherwise modify them into any other shape other than spherical, i get the old UNSUPPORTED MESH SIZE. This is very frustrating, SURELY you must be able to make more than just 32×31 spheres! I have read the forums extensively and the only help there advises making sculptys from the sphere templates, which FAILS for me 😦

  26. You can’t change the number of vertices, so there are limits on the operations that you can do to a sculpty.

    Why not try sculptypaint – it’s more limited than Wings but a lot easier to get started….

  27. Hello!
    I found out that I can use sphere, torus, plane and cylinder as the start of a sculpty in Wings 3D. I also know that the sphere must be 16×15 or 32×31 etc… and the torus is like 16×16 etc… but what parameters do I need for cylinder and plane? Thank you!

  28. In all honesty, I’ve no ides what the params are for cylinder & plane (haven’t used Wings in ages). Probably the usual 32×31.

    I would recommend downloading SculptyPaint, saving off the cylinder & plane sculptymaps and then importing them into Wings and you could be sure of starting with a working map – that’s what I’d do anyway, which is easier than guessing.

  29. On wings, how do you change the 3d file into a sculpt map?

  30. Oringe – read the post above yours. Start with a working sculptymap and then import it into Wings and then deform it – that’s the best way of making sure it’s going to work.


  32. Rel: 0.98.36 or later version of Wings 3D from

  33. im new to all this i have installed the exporter._but where do i put the templates to? ie 16 by 15 quad.wings etc

  34. Go to File>Import>Secondlifesculpty.

  35. when i go to import a sculptey iget this error_failed to load”c:/users/dektop/grids/important files/wings files/wings 3d_0.99.03/plugins?import_export/32x31tri.wings”:none files of type wings. wings are not supported

  36. Sounds like you might have an earlier version of Wings. It needs to be 0.98.36 or later.

  37. thanks i now got the new version.
    evry thing going fine now thanks for the help!

    1 question what template’s are you using as mine look so diffrent to your’s its kinda confusing trying to follow the tutorial

  38. I didn’t wtite the tutorial, so dunno.

  39. What good is Wings3D if you can only export spheres to SL? I made the doghouse in the W3D tutoial and keep getting the dreaded unsupported mesh size error. You would think the first tutorial object taught would be exportable.

    • Wings was never designed to make SL sculpties. The trick is to start with a sphere then deform it to get what you want. You might want to try Sculptypaint instead if you’re new to sculpties.

  40. why the hell do i keep getting an unsuported mesh size? its pissing me off i used a sphere and edited it to what i need and im not clicking save selected

  41. Start with a working sculptymap and then import it into Wings and then deform it – that’s the best way of making sure it’s going to work.

  42. I can’t figure out how to use sculpty paint. do You know of any tutorials that are helpful. The ones I found the guy literally said ” I don’t really know what this button does”. I got really frustrated. please help

  43. I notice you have emailed the export zip files to others. I too am having trouble finding them. Could you please email them to me

  44. Anyone have the download for the wings second life plug in? I downloaded wings and it works fine but there is no sl export option. I read the above and there is no wpc_sculpty.beam

  45. Sounds like you might have an earlier version of Wings. It needs to be 0.98.36 or later.

  46. I have wings3d 1.0.2 Is this the newest one ???? and if it is ..There is NO wpc sculpty. beam??? .. Can anyone help ?? Please

  47. Thank you to Kevin and to anyone els that mite be able to help …Kevin sent me the wpc sculpy.beam file with the templates so i opened wings3d 1.0.2 and it didnt work with the default sphere witch is 114 vertices …So i opened the template sphere witch is 962 vertices and that worked fine as making a sculpty for SL …So i was wandering if there is a NEW sculpty beam file for the new wings3d??? Thank you

  48. you MUST use supported meshed templates and manhandle them in to your desired sculpts. no extruding or altering of the number of vertices in anyway . a cylinder can be a sphere or a plain bent loped around on itself as in above tut , I have made a few box and cylinder templates from Spheres.

  49. I am using the “supported” templates that came with the export plug-in, and I still get the unsupported mesh size error I have seen reported in these replies. What as anyone found out about this problem?

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