PloppSecondLife – Simple Sculpty Maker

There’s a new sculpty maker from Plopp, creators of image making software for kids.

And it uses an interesting and innovative way of doing things – you either use one of their pieces of clipart or drag and drop an image of your own into the program – either jpg (which will come out rectangular), or png with transparency (which will come out shaped).

It really only creates an inflatable looking type thing from your image – flat with bulging in the middle, and the results can be a bit iffy, but it’s still in development, and it may be that things will improve with tweaking of the software.

Oh – I wasted ages trying to drag & drop into the program and it kept crashing – make sure you drop into the image editing part, not the 3d editing part.

This is the PloppSL simple editing window – using one of their clip art images – notice how good the cute little fishy looks.

PloppSecondLife 03

And this is the results imported into SL – a butterfly, flower and the fishy. Notice the distortions on the fishy, particularly around the eye, mouth and top fin.

PloppSecondLife 02

PloppSL can be downloaded from…..


~ by slconceptual on October 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “PloppSecondLife – Simple Sculpty Maker”

  1. that is so cool!

  2. I know a better tool… Look at that… looks magic
    it can make sculpties and even more

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