The Big Prim Problem

The official Linden blog has recently has a post/disussion on the use of giant prims within SL. For the uninitiated, these megaprims are any prim over 10m in size, all of which were created by hacking the SL client. They are incredibly useful for builders as a prim saving measure – a 40m by 40m by 0.5m will replace 16 normal prims – and I’ve used them myself for creating large walls and floors. Here’s the original post…..

 The Lindens have rently been trying out the Havok4 physics engine on the beta grid, and have rently taken the physics offline there, and put it back again a few days later…..

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the Havok4 engine is in some way having problems with giant prims, and the Linden blog post is a gentle way of maybe introducing us to the fact that they’ll be gone when Havok4 is introduced to the whole grid?

Let’s hope not, as the amount of work to replace them all with normal prims will cause huge headaches, drive a lot of builders away, and maybe give up their land and not come back.


~ by slconceptual on October 15, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Big Prim Problem”

  1. I am an architect and find the limit of 10×10 x10 for a prim to be a real problem, especially with the inability to link prims beyond 30 meters. A simple 100×100 mega prim or 40x40x40 cube is a single object as a mega prim but would require 100 prims to duplicate and close to 10 linked sets to rez. Second Life’s limited tools must be continually improved and made more robust and flexible not stay static or be degraded.

  2. I have to agree with you completely. And how much lag does one megaprim create, when compared to the 100 ordinary prims needed to replace it?

  3. Little late in the convo, but imagine now, if you wanted to have that prim be able to change textures, etc. with 100 prims all that scripting would be terrible on the sim

  4. You’re right Kitzah, but the good news is that things seem to be getting liberated. Read this….

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