The Titanic – No Icebergs Seen Yet

Kallisto Estates have built a full scale model of the Titanic, which although they describe it as “….. allready(sic) known as the most beautiful place in Second Life” isn’t actually open to the public yet!

I was hoping that it was going to be re-creation of the sinking with the boats’ stern up in the air, propellors cutting avs into pieces, and a smug looking iceberg floating nearby. But they’re renting vending and living space on it, so I guess that’s not going to happen – a shame.

Oh – and if you visit, don’t forget to turn your draw distance to the maximum or you’ll only be able to see small sections of it.

The SLURL for the titanic…..

Click through for bigger pics

The Titanic 03

The Titanic 01

The Titanic 02


~ by slconceptual on October 15, 2007.

8 Responses to “The Titanic – No Icebergs Seen Yet”

  1. Full Scale Model? I think not. This thing only stretches across 1/4 a sim. Anyone with half a brain can see this in the pictures.

  2. No – it’s bigger than that.

  3. actually, it covers the complete length of the sim. I’ve been on the ship.

  4. Yes I read a discussion on the SLExchange forums about it. It’s just less than the length of a sim, which is a little bit less than a genuine scale model would have been. The only way to get a full scale model on one sim would have been to build it corner to corner, which would have been a pain for the builder and for anybody adding things to it or having to modify things.

  5. dude how do u turn the distance to full

  6. You turn up the draw distance using the preferences button – It’s there on the SL Opening screen when you fire up SL from your desktop

  7. Gee it sux making something this big and then having nothing to do lol. If you got something for me to work on let me know. reborn wingtips. 🙂

  8. It’s a fabulous idea until you get there. Every surface has an ad and it’s so laggy you can’t see the full ship. The dome in the grand ballroom is well done, but no accuracy after that. Doubt that they’ll change it, though, seems like it’s meant to be a money making endeavor. So many sims out there that totally immerse you in their concept, yet still have plenty of room for stores, rentals, etc. yet don’t ruin the experience with billboards every few inches. Dissapointing.

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