Help! What Happened To In-World Help.

It used to be that if you clicked the help button in the Second Life client, a useful little window popped up giving you instant access to a number of topics. It wasn’t comprehensive, but there were a number of useful articles there that were quick and easy to find and browse through. It’s been a while since I used it, but I was expecting to find a quick answer to my problem. Oh no! Guess what looks like now……

I Need Help - What Happened To It

There’s a link to a webpage which could just as easily have been accessed by clicking the menu item directly above the in-world help button, and two links to Orientation Island and Help Island.

So I clicked the F1 Help link which brought up the web page (which of course took forever to load due to SL using all my computer’s memory), and I was presented with a framed web page set which was too wide to fit on my screen.

And it then asked me a question – What’s the difference between the Knowledge Base and the Solution Finder? To which my answer was I don’t know and don’t really care – all I wanted was an answer to my problem. And so after much clicking around, I discovered that neither actually gave an answer to the question that I had – which was How Do You Edit Land?

Now would someone at Linden Lab care to tell me how it is an improvement to go from a one click fast loading help section to a multi click, badly designed framed layout (that’s so twentieth century dear) that’s difficult to navigate and impossible to find what you want.

Someone here has not got their thinking head on. Is this endemic of a growing organisation that has got so large that one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing? I rather suspect that it is. I wonder when was the last time that one the original Lindens clicked that Help button. I suspect it was a long time ago – after all, it’s many months since I clicked it. But when something that you relied on is no longer there, it makes for a frustrating and time wasting experience. Just one of the reasons where the SL experience has degenerated recently. Don’t get me started on the broken forums!


~ by slconceptual on October 18, 2007.

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