Dilbert Creator Kicked In Nuts! Shock! Horror!

Scott Adams, the creator of cubicle dwelling geek Dilbert, made an appearance in Second Life to promote his new book “Stick To Drawing Comics Monkey Brain”, which is a collection of his meanderings from “The Dilbert Blog“.

Avatars were invited to come along and kick the Adams’ avatar in the nuts. If only it had been earlier in the day – it was after midnight for us Euros – I would have been there to kick those nuts. Amusingly though, a Dilbert avatar turned up to have a kick, which Adams describes as… “It was art imitating life, imitating art beating the crap out of something imitating me. Truly weird.”

Watch the video below…..

Apparently the whole thing was organised by the Aimee Webber Studio.


~ by slconceptual on November 6, 2007.

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