Growing Flowers, Trees & Magic Mushrooms In My Garden

I promised that my garden would have some growing plants at some point, and look what’s sprung up! Growing flowers, trees and some magic mushrooms. At the moment they go through their life cycle from seed to decay unfeasibly quickly, but the honest truth is that it’s a lot more interesting that way.

They don’t get to reproduce yet (poor things) as I’m afraid they would have the potential to get away from me and invade the whole of SL.  (hmmmmm!)

Here’s the mushrooms, taking over the landscape…

Magic Mushrooms Invade Garden

And here’s some flowers – two shots taken from the same spot a few minutes apart, and stitched together….

growing flowers

And finally a view of some flowers, magic mushrooms, and even the trees in the background are growing…..

growing mushrooms


~ by slconceptual on November 8, 2007.

5 Responses to “Growing Flowers, Trees & Magic Mushrooms In My Garden”

  1. Very cool. I miss the idea of growth in SL, and I’ve been looking around for it.

  2. I’ve now got some growing trees that mature and then turn black and die, and they actually fall over rather like a real tree does. Currently looking for a falling tree sound effect. Might program it so that if there’s no-one within hearing distance, then it makes no sound. No-one would ever notice of course, but there’d be something very satisfying about it. Ommmmm.

  3. Very cool – the growing, dying trees….any chance we can have a look or a SLURL?

  4. I shall try to post a SLURL later today.

  5. cool

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