Notecard Giver LSL Script Auto-Generator

I neede a notecard giver script for my garden, and was going to spend too long writing one, when i remembered the LSL script auto generator at…
 A couple of clicks and it was all done for me. Nice. A big time saver.  And it also gives me a chance to try out WordPress’ new code display feature that they recently implemented. 

And note the name at the top of the code. Funny funny.

// This script was auto-generated by Ann Enigma's script autogenerator
// available at
// Note: After you copy this script into your creation, you will also need to copy the item to give into the object
list recent_avatars;
add_avatar(string name) {
 if(!seen(name)) {
  recent_avatars += name;
  if (llGetListLength(recent_avatars) > 25) {
   recent_avatars = llDeleteSubList(recent_avatars,0,0);
integer seen(string name) {
 if(llListFindList(recent_avatars,[name]) > -1) { return TRUE; }
 return FALSE;

 state_entry() {
  llSensorRepeat("", NULL_KEY, AGENT, 5, PI, 5);
 sensor(integer total_number) {
  if(!seen(llDetectedName(0))) {
  // This line will pick out the first thing of the right type and give it to whomever triggered the event



~ by slconceptual on December 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “Notecard Giver LSL Script Auto-Generator”

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  3. Nice! Any way to give multiple items? I have a virtual book that needs to contain multiple notecards. I don’t know how many might be included. Is there a modification that could offer to give each item?


  4. Try this – but replace INVENTORY_OBJECT with INVENTORY_NOTECARD

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