Sex in a Virtual World – The Thirteenth Floor

Imagine this if you can – someone builds a virtual world and then uses it to have sex in! That’s the proposition that shocks his friends and colleagues! This interesting take on virtualdom takes off when the poor pervert gets murdered and we have to find the culprit. The film “The Thirteenth Floor” is from 1999, and was released around the same time as the Matrix, which beat it hands down at the box office, but this is a slower and less flashy look at the implications of virtual worlds and makes for a more satisfying intellectual experience, if a less visceral one. Haven’t you ever wondered what your avatar gets up to when you’re not online?

 It’s been on Google video for some months so I presume the creators are ok with that, so I link to it here.

Full Screen Link


~ by slconceptual on December 13, 2007.

One Response to “Sex in a Virtual World – The Thirteenth Floor”

  1. I’ve seen this a long time ago. I think Columbia House sent me the DVD in one of there monthly promos. I remember thinking matrix during the movie. Really good ideas, but it seemed a bit slow in getting the storyline moving.

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