The Throes Of Rapture

Some pics of the build “the Throes of Rapture” by Strawberry Holiday and friends – known collectively as the Fallopian Fighters.

It’s nice to see some hand drawn textures that aren’t pretending to model real life textures (if you see what I mean!) – the sketchiness makes a refreshing change.

And if you visit, and you find it impossible to ascend up to through the build, try flying up and in through the roof – that’s what I had to do. Apparently the whole thing is lit with glow, so if you haven’t got Windlight it’s next to impossible to navigate.

The Throes of Rapture 3

The Throes of Rapture 2

The Throes of Rapture 1


~ by slconceptual on March 5, 2008.

One Response to “The Throes Of Rapture”

  1. Trippy………!!

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