Giant Prim Changes – Hooray(ish)

You might be interested to know that with Havok4 physics have come some changes to megaprims. They’re now fully hollowable and behave as normal prims do – that is you can hollow them out and walk around in them, which you couldn’t do before. They’re also resizable, but that’s not as useful as it sounds, because if you make one change after resizing they revert to standard 10m prims – and that includes simple things like changing a texture or shinyness will revert them – which is a big shame.

But the good news is that the 3 prim house is finally possible (I really must make some!)

The pics below show a hollow 40m torus with rotations, and I spent the afternoon rolling physical balls down it into the collector at the bottom – itself a 20m megaprim. And it worked!

Giant Prim Changes 01

You wouldn’t have been able to stand on it like this before.

Giant Prim Changes 02


~ by slconceptual on April 9, 2008.

5 Responses to “Giant Prim Changes – Hooray(ish)”

  1. So much fun! Looking forward to playing with them,too! You are so much fun, Gaynor. ~…rolling balls down…!” ~laughs~

  2. What are you using to build the mega-prims? An official / rc viewer, custom or a RealX viewer?

  3. Just the standard latest client – and the megaprims are the ones that are around everywhere for free – including SLExchange…

  4. wow…that’s awesome. I am going to have some fun with these.

  5. […] foundations – things like Havoc 4, Mono, etc. – are impacting the ability to create.  Things like running 20mx20mx20m balls down a hollowed-out megaprim winding tunnel or wind/cloud sensitive scultpures.   Or sculpties (see the photo!)  Too […]

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