Art From Clouds & Wind – Everchanging Environmental Sculpture

Art From Wind & Rain 31

While playing around with a windmill on a floating island I’d made (pictures coming soon), I was trying to get the vanes to react the wind within Second Life in a moderately realistic fashion. And I discovered that the wind is measured as a vector, with x and y coords – the z coord isn’t used.

So of course, given one vector I wasn’t expecting, it seemed only natural to translate that into other vectors. In particular, the color vectors used to specify the color of Second Life objects. So, translating the wind vector into a color vector, I used the x & y wind vector for the red and green components, and for the blue component I took the measure of cloud density.

With a bit of scripting I had an object that would measure the wind and cloud density at the position of the object every quarter of a second, and translate that into a color and apply that that color to the prim’s surface.

One of these objects is interesting enough, constantly changing color in reaction to the weather, but it only really comes into its own when there’s a lot of objects together, and you can see the effects of wind and clouds over a larger area. And one of the things you’ll find is that the weather in SL can vary surprisingly even over distances of just a few metres – and it can change very suddenly.

In the pictures below, the field of objects has been rezzed by a rezzer into a rectangular grid – the biggest of which is 100mx100m. Pretty isn’t it? There would be a video but SL is playing up again and won’t let me create a video! Bah!

Oh- and if any body has an empty sim to spare, I’d love to set this up so others can see it.

 Art From Wind & Rain 30

Art From Wind & Rain 25

Art From Wind & Rain 19

Art From Wind & Rain 17

Art From Wind & Rain 16

Art From Wind & Rain 12

Art From Wind & Rain 09

Art From Wind & Rain 08


~ by slconceptual on April 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “Art From Clouds & Wind – Everchanging Environmental Sculpture”

  1. Very cool, but I think I see a warm front approaching. 🙂

  2. it looks great! why not set it up at the BiW sim (see for slurl)? There’s lots of space, and it would look great!
    BTW, i had a similar concept, not as sophisticated as yours, for my blue curtain at the Odyssey Open Rez last year, the color changed with cloud density, and the wind was simply used to move the large flexi-prims (pics)

  3. […] Sl has finally allowed me to make a video of my environmental art piece ( see Art From Clouds & Wind – Everchanging Environmental Sculpture for a full description) and Windows Movie Maker has finally allowed me to edit it without crashing […]

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