Floating Island With Windmill – Shhh, Don’t Mention Gorillaz

While creating some floating islands I’d so far managed to avoid putting a windmill on any of them, not wanting to be seen to to be too closely imitating the Gorillaz video (though it’s a vid I do like), but I finally succumed to temptation. And yes, it’s the perfect thing to put on a floating island, especially once I’d worked out how to measure the SL wind.

So here it is – the windmill vanes rotate, and turn to face the wind in real time. And oh yes, there’s a secret cave hidden on the island. I’m now thinking it would be the perfect place for a dungeon. Put that whip away!

Floating Island with Windmill 12

Floating Island with Windmill 10

Floating Island with Windmill 09

Floating Island with Windmill 08

Floating Island with Windmill 04

And as a sidenote to SL problems, while making this, I made a screwup of editing so decided to delete it and replace with a copy from my inventory. Except I deleted it but the prim count on my land didn’t go down, and I couldn’t replace it with the inventory version because there weren’t enough prims left – frustrating or what?
Then on friday, Governor Linden sent a whole bunch of objects to my lost and found folder – it was the island in bits, but I’d got my prim count back. It was something to do with the patched 1.20 server deploy that had gone wrong, and stopped me working on anything on my land for the best part of a week.

And as a second note, builders might like to know that it’s possible to link a phantom prim to a non phantom object without the whole thing turning phantom – the trick is to make the phantom prim a flexi before linking. Don’t know why it works but it does – see the waterfall in the pics.

And for those of you that didn’t mention Gorillaz, here’s the Feel Good Inc video. I’m happy….


~ by slconceptual on April 20, 2008.

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