Floating Island With Windmill Now On Sale

Get Away From It All On This Superb Floating Island

 Floating Island With Windmill

This superb floating island is mostly made from sculpties, and includes an animated windmill that turns to face the wind and whose sails rotate at different speeds depending on the windspeed.

There’s a hidden cave (I won’t tell you how to enter it here) that’s 20m in diameter for all your secret things that you want to keep hidden – (ideal for a dungeon!).

There’s 5 sit poseballs, so you can sit on the edge of the island or cool your feet in the pool, each of which has 8 brand new poses inside – hold the shift key and press the left or right arrow keys to change poses.

The island has a footprint of 32m by 40m.

It uses the Faux-rez system for easy placement – place your rezbox where you want the top of your island to appear and just click the rezbox to rez your island. Fine tuning of the island’s placement can be made just by moving the rezbox and the whole island will move accordingly. If you make a mistake you can
derez the island and click rez to try again. Click save when you’re happy with the placement to make your island permanent.

To decorate your island, it comes with a free box of (Linden) low prim trees, plants, and grasses – you choose how many you want to use.

The island is Copy and Mod, (scripts and poses not mod) but not Transfer.

And only 64 prims.


Buy from SLExchange….

Or buy inworld……


~ by slconceptual on April 22, 2008.

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