No More Big Prim Creating – Santa Is A Thief!

As I write this Linden Labs are closing down the abilty to create new big prims with new code in a server reboot. They say they’re going to re-implement them with new code that’ll be able to detect if a giant prim is overhanging your property (even though the centre of it is on the next door property) and returning the prim to your inventory.

How long will this take? We don’t know but probably some months.

It’s like Santa came back and took all your new toys away the day after Christmas. Boo Hoo!


~ by slconceptual on May 14, 2008.

One Response to “No More Big Prim Creating – Santa Is A Thief!”

  1. Ha! i just read that chat log convo with Andrew Linden. I just have this mental picture of poor Andrew sitting there trying to do his job while these clowns have a debate about the very question he is busy answering. 🙂

    I’m we will all get big prims some time in the future, maybe when LL adds the ability to bevel and extrude prim faces to the tool set. 🙂

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