The Garden Of Earthly Delights – It’s Hell Down There

The Not Possible In Real Life & Rezzable Garden Of Earthly Delights exhibition is now officially open, so it’s time to post some pics of my build. I’ve used three 100m spheres to create three seperate self-contained environments for Heaven, Earth and Hell.

My build is probably a little closer to Bosch’s original vision than most of the builds, mostly because I took inspiration and actually started work on many of the individual elements of it many months ago.

Heaven has God’s office and God’s bed (never heard of the Big Bang?), Earth is full of fleshly delights, and in Hell you can sell your soul to the Devil for L$1,000,000.

There’s lots of things to click on, all over the place, so give it a try.

Visit my build here…..

And here’s the SLURL to the official start of the tour – don’t forget to pick up a HUD for the tour, and if you want to sign the guestbooks that you’ll find around the builds you’ll need to register at the white sign you’ll find there first…..

Click through for bigger pics.


 NPIRL Garden 28

NPIRL Garden 33

NPIRL Garden 31

NPIRL Garden 26

NPIRL Garden 24

NPIRL Garden 23

NPIRL Garden 18

NPIRL Garden 16


 NPIRL Garden 10

NPIRL Garden 38

NPIRL Garden 37

NPIRL Garden 36

NPIRL Garden 14

NPIRL Garden 13

NPIRL Garden 11


 NPIRL Garden 08

NPIRL Garden 02

NPIRL Garden 07

NPIRL Garden 06

NPIRL Garden 43

NPIRL Garden 39



~ by slconceptual on May 17, 2008.

One Response to “The Garden Of Earthly Delights – It’s Hell Down There”

  1. Nice work, looks like alot of fun. Ill definately check it out

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