The Gadgey By Alan Campbell

Nothing to do with Second Life, but I couldn’t resist this one.

What if aliens did land on Earth, but not at the White House. What if they landed on a Glasgow housing estate? And what if our reactions to them were not based on science and diplomacy, but on the science fiction films and TV series that we’d seen?

This is the premise of the short science fiction story “The Gadgey” by Alan Campbell…..

‘The alien had climbed free of the spaceship and was staggering through the crater. Bolstered by Gordie’s agreement about the mongling, Rab said, “Whit will we dae wi’ it, Gordie? Dae ye hink we can keep it, like in E.T.? Dae ye hink it’ll make oor bikes fly?”
Gordie snorted. “That film’s for bairns,” he said. “Aliens dinnae make bikes fly. They come doon and blow stuff up and eat folk. Remember Independence Day? That’s the modern handbook fer invasions. Ye cannae go by E.T. any more. Not if ye hope tae survive.” ‘

Read this wonderfully atmospheric short at Strange Horizons……


~ by slconceptual on May 21, 2008.

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