Tiny Avatars In A Tiny Universe

Oh but I hate computers – I’d just written a really nice piece about tinies and tiny avatars and WordPress just deleted it. Cue much swearing and cursing. So here’s the cute tiny pics from The Tiny Universe Convention without any commentary because I’m in a really bad mood and just can’t be bothered to retype it all.

Tiny Anubis
 Tiny Avatars 21

Tiny Doggy
Tiny Avatars 20

Tiny Pirate
Tiny Avatars 19

Tiny Steampunk Avatar
Tiny Avatars 17

Tiny Robot
Tiny Avatars 15

Tiny spaceman
Tiny Avatars 14

Tiny Eagle
Tiny Avatars 13

Tiny Warrior
Tiny Avatars 12

Tiny ScootBoy
Tiny Avatars 11

Tiny Flying Avatar
Tiny Avatars 02



~ by slconceptual on June 4, 2008.

One Response to “Tiny Avatars In A Tiny Universe”

  1. […] – Big robots No1 It’s funny sometimes how things turn out. After my visit to the Tiny Universe Convention I felt inspired to make myself an avatar. I blindly assumed that you could just wear a transparent […]

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