Escher Cube Solved In Second Life

There’s a nice sculpture exhibition by various artists at the Shengri La sim, of which the highlight is this, the only one I managed to photograph before SL went zonky again and logged me out.

It’s an interpretation of the impossible Escher cube, also known as a Penrose or Necker Cube . And whereas real world models can only be viewed from one perspective, Kaloss Gausman’s built a version of it that revolves and the illusion still works. Neat.

Visit here….

Escher Cube Solved 01


~ by slconceptual on August 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Escher Cube Solved In Second Life”

  1. Seems like there is finally a use for the obnoxious transparency bug?

  2. Yes – though the build is more complex than it looks to get the affect.

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