Magic Rock – Growable Wild Flowers

Magic Rock - Growable Wild Flowers

Magic Rock – Growable Wild Flowers

Mary, Mary,quite contrary, how does your garden grow?
Actually it grows rather well, because she bought a Magic Rock.

And you can make your garden grow too with this Magic Rock that grows beautiful wild flowers around it.

Place the Magic Rock in your garden, click it to set the defaults and then click restart to start it making flowers, then stand back and admire all the beautiful blooms that grow up around it.

The flowers are randomly colored and sized, and you can set the average number (from ten to sixty) and the maximum distance from the rock that they will grow. The flowers will start growing, and when they get to their ideal size they open up. Each flower will last for around a minute and then fade away.

And the best thing is that the flowers are temp-on rez, so don’t count towards your prim allocation. Only one prim is needed for the Magic Rock itself.

If you’re using the Magic Rock on Linden land, it helps to place it at a low point on the land to stop the flowers floating in the air. Or you can sink the rock slightly into the ground to get the same effect.

If you’re using the Magic Rock on prim land that you’ve created, sinking it into the land slightly will also help here.

There are two varieties available……..
Permissions – Copyable so you can fill your land with temp-on rez flowers.
Permissions – Transferable so you can give it as a gift.
Note – The number of temporary prims you are allowed is around half of the normal prim allocation for your land.

Prims – Only 1.

YouTube Video of the Growable Flowers

Buy from Xstreet SL (Copyable version)….

Buy from XstreetSL (Transferable version)

Or buy inworld at the link on the right.


~ by slconceptual on December 20, 2008.

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