Lighting Interface For Second Life

One thing that’s never impressed me about Second Life is the interface that’s available to your programs. And by that I mean the drop down menu. Because that’s all you’ve got, along with chat commands and automatic replies from your script. You can never tell how quickly the drop down is going to appear, particularly if your connection is slow or you’re in a high lag area.

So of course, that leads everybody to have to write their own, particularly for HUD devices. And they don’t always work well (and I’m as guilty as anyone else in this).

So here’s yet another one. It’s designed to control a light – and that’s it. It gives you the functionality of a real world dimmer switch combined with an automatic day/night detector.

Studio light 3

And these things have to be low lag too. So the light itself has only a touch sensor, which when activated rezzes a temp on rez console above the light that you can use to adjust it. The console only lasts a minute (with a progress bar), but that’s all you need to adjust a light, and then it goes back to the low lag state and the console disappears.

The pics show an 18 prim studio light, but the mechanics of the thing can go into a one prim light.

Lighting Console 01

Lighting Console 02

Studio light 1

Studio light 2

If you picked up one of  my Xmas gifts you’ll already have one of the consoles installed in a novelty Poglet light. Please let me know if they’ve worked for you!


~ by slconceptual on January 6, 2009.

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