Mirrorlabs Skin Creator

Mirrorlabs have created a flash based skin creator for second life.
It’s easy to use, but you have to pay to get the non-demo version – and I haven’t been into SL to see how much it costs (oddly enough it doesn’t tell you on the website). Perhaps someone could try it and let us know.

Mirrorlabs skin studio 01


The pics below are of the demo version, and notice you don’t get the option of choosing your pubic hair or nipples – and they’re pixilated out in this demo. It’s female only -perhaps male is still to come. And the final pics are 512×512.

Mirrorlabs skin studio 04

Mirrorlabs skin studio 02

Mirrorlabs skin studio 02


~ by slconceptual on January 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “Mirrorlabs Skin Creator”

  1. hey, this is gillian ( delaney whippet ) from Mirrorlabs- some answers to your questions:

    the skins are currently $L500, with discounts on bulk. i forgot to put it on the website, i guess and will add it tomarrow. the final pics are 512px becuase that is the size of the Eloh photoshop files i used in- it can make bigger ones if i had bigger source files.

    I pixelated out the “bits” because i do alot of flash projects and didnt want outsiders to second life who dont understand what is going on zooming in on the poor girls private parts and being like, zomg, this is a public hair changing tool or something. I understand second life peeps need and want these kind of details in their skins – but didnt really want outsiders poking around her lady parts and stuff : so for now it is a mosaic. So until i think of a better idea, you only get the bits if you are in SL. A man avatar is in the works.

  2. Thanks for clearing up those points Gillian.

  3. This is an awful program if the result you get is THIS on the pics.
    I am a skin creator and very good at it.This isn’t a skin 🙂
    Sorry but freebies are lot better than this.Good try though.

    Regards xXx

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