The Nines – The Ultimate Virtual Reality

Here’s another in my occasional pointers to films about or touching on virtual reality.

The Nines was released in 2007, and both directed and written by John August, it tells three different but intertwined stories, with the same small group of actors playing the parts in all of them. Only in the last segment is the main character (played by Ryan Reynolds) actually concerned with virtual reality, where he plays a video game designer lost in the woods with his family. But don’t make the mistake of trying to skip the first two segments, as there’s much information given in them that you’ll need to understand the rest.

This is an extremely deep and complex film, where the overall story only comes together with small clues scattered throughout – if you haven’t got the time/patience to sit through it in one go then don’t bother with it at all.

It’s a low budget film, and that probably explains why it’s on Google video, as it can’t have got much of a theater release as I’d never heard of it, and I presume that online viewing is probably OK with the creators as otherwise it would be unlikely to be seen at all – it’s been on Google for a good few months now. The lo-res format doesn’t really matter with this film as the interest is in the ideas and concepts rather than the visuals.

Recommended viewing – and you’ll never look at koala bears the same again.

Watch The Nines fullscreen at Google….


~ by slconceptual on January 11, 2009.

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